Wasn't that just a wonderful fireball to the eyeball. The Chicago Bulls were in solid form almost the entire game -- displaying a really tight defense, a solid passing game, and hitting the shots that mattered. They had a 12 point lead with about 5 minutes to go. I was already checking my calendar to make sure I'd be free to watch Game 6. Then the Bulls seemed to remember that it is the fourth quarter now, and they still hadn't started to choke yet. So, they choked. They choked in the most epic of ways. They blew their lead and basically stopped performing the way that got them the lead to begin with. So, now the hated Heat are in the finals, and my favourite team gets to go golfing. I hear it can be a fun hobby, so I hope they enjoy themselves.

Seriously, did they forget that they were the top team at the end of the season? I realize it is a whole new ball game come playoffs, but what an awful way to close out the year. As they completely came apart at crucial times in the final two games of this series. It seems they completely forgot that they actually dominated Game 1 and where looking to do a clean sweep themselves. Instead, they decided it would be better to lose four straight.

Gosh, that was a giant bowl of horse testes, and I hated the taste of it. Well, hopefully the Mavs bring the same type of play that swept the Lakers and they can get some vengeance for me on the Heat.