Relax On a Long Weekend? Bah!

So, here in Canada it is Victoria Day, which means most get the day off work so that they can blow stuff up and drink beer, in order to commemorate a Queen that the majority of Canada has never heard about (or slept through history class while the teacher tried to acknowledge her). Normally, it would be a wonderful day to have lots of people over and have ourselves a grand BBQ of awesomeness. It has been a crazy last few months for countless reasons (as I've not been shy about mentioning on this blog) and so organizing a party has been the last thing I've thought about. Plus weather decided we didn't get enough of that rain, so it isn't really a lounge outside kind of day (but it was a frantically try to mow the lawn before the downpour type). Besides, I've actually got quite a bit of work to attend to today, both of the writing and personal nature. Though I'd like to try some of that relaxation thing too, so I'm probably going to wander away from the blog for the rest of today. If things go my way, I should have good stuff in store for you this coming week.

Enjoy your Monday -- be it the holiday or non-holiday variety, depending where you're reading this.