Vancouver Just Saved Me From A 3 Sports Ninja Kick to the Groin

In what was supposed to be a wonderful night of sports, I ended up suffering from the rage of the sports gods. Tonight, I had three big games I was invested in and I was looking forward to some sweet victory. For a little while there, I was sensing that I was instead going to get a threepeat of suckage. Luckily, the ol' Canucks pulled through for me, apparently forgiving me for cheering against them when they matched up against my favourite team, the New York Rangers, in the 1994 Stanley Cup finals. I'm really glad that they did overcome San Jose Sharks because not only is it nice to see a Canadian team finally have a good shot at the Cup, but also I really started to think that Tuesday night was just out to hurt my feelings. I had three games that I was really feeling would turn out well, and instead it became an almost disaster. I wanted to see my Toronto Blue Jays gain a second straight victory over the hated Yankees in order to move up the standings, witness the awesome Chicago Bulls plow through the evil Miami Heat to tie up the series, and root the Vancouver Canucks on to the finals with a victory over the San Jose Sharks. I ended up having to settle for just one.

I started watching the Jays game with then up 4-1 in the 6th. I was rather jubilant about the very real prospect my team was going to get a consecutive win over the Yankees and make some real movement in the standing. Instead, I witnessed the most nightmarish 8th and 9th innings as the Jays totally blew away their lead to lose 5-4. I'm thinking it is time the Jays start thinking about getting a new closer, as an over 5.00 ERA closer isn't anything to boast about or to ensure you maintain leads. Or at least, find a way to calm Frank Francisco down and start pitching a more consistent game. Though the blame can't all be put on him because the fielding committed some errors and the batters didn't step up when an insurance run was crucial. So, I had to put up with the gloating of a Yankees fan and I whined over yet another blown lead.

I was sure that my Chicago Bulls would tie up the series with the Miami Heat. Based off the first half, it was looking like that would happen as they played solid defense and were performing an excellent passing game. Derrick Rose was in fine leadership form and getting his team to perform close to his high standards. Unfortunately, a games is more than the first half, and the second ended up becoming very frustrating. Though it got a lot worse in overtime where the Bulls couldn't hold on to the ball and just started playing a really sloppy game. Now, I have the ultimate frustration of my team being near the brink of elimination and it happening at the hands of a team I despise. It's the NFC Championship all over again.

After two disappointments, I needed the Vancouver Canucks to pull me out of the slums. Canucks aren't my faovurite team but they've become my de facto team now that the New York Rangers are off golfing. I think, it would be nice to finally see a Canadian team win the cup after almost 2 decades of waiting. For awhile tonight, it looked like the Canucks were going to have to play a Game 6 in San Jose. Luckily, there was a last second goal in the 3rd and we got to experience the excitement of over time. Twice. It ended up being a long night as the final goal wasn't scored until almost 1am EST. It was a doozy of a game and I'm glad I can claim some satisfaction for the night. Even if I'd still prefer my Stanley Cup to be the 1994 rematch with my New York Rangers, but I'll happily root for the Canucks until next season.

That is my night that almost ended up being a sports nightmare, but ended with a sweet bit of retribution (even if it was a win by a team that I've just started to cheer due to my own team's disappearing act). Oh well, now I have to hope my Bulls pull off the big win -- three times. For now, I'll just be happy I avoided a 3 losses of shame on this finally-it-isn't-raining-so-lets-watch-TV (though I did go for a nice walk prior) Tuesday night.


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    Matthew C via Facebook:

    the NYR...are you serious?

  2. Why not? They've actually won a cup in the last 40 years.


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