Did You Miss Me?

So, that was a bit of an unexpected hiatus. We'll chalk that one up to, "Dang, will time just stand still for an hour!", and leave it at that. So, while I was gone Winnipeg went out and bought themselves a team and the Stanley Cup got itself into high gear. I'd really appreciate if Miami Heat stops fulfilling my nightmares and start losing a game or three. But for the most part, I'm a little out of the news loop thanks to the whole time refusing to take a bit of break. I wanted you to know that I am very much alive and well, and this blog is just about ready to start being groovy again. In word form.

Speaking of words, I'm got the longest blog post I've ever written before, as I was inspired to write a proper (aka really looong) tribute to my childhood hero, "Macho Man' Randy Savage. So, if you liked your 80s wrestling and are up for lots of word munching than tomorrow will be your day to drop in here.

I on the other hand to need finish up some last minute work, so I can try a bit of this sleep thing that all the cool kids rap about.