On The Road Again

Well, not really. But I'll be departing from the blog for the weekend, so you can imagine me with a sack over my shoulder and my thumb sticking out to hail a ride to some distant town that isn't quite ready for this eccentric drifter. Or you can imagine that I have lots of client work that needs to be finished plus some rather important weekend plans (that don't involved the client work -- thus making my necessity to finish this work soon all the more important). So, I'm going leave this blog to the cyber wolves for the weekend, but I'll promise to be here again on Monday with a whole new slew of wonderful and magical words.

In the meantime, you can check out the two tributes that I lovingly crafted this week: the one about about a childhood hero and the one about a dear loved one I miss. And when you're done that, you can sit and wait patiently, because I hope to have a review of X-Men: First Class up on Monday. Or you know, do stuff that isn't related to this blog.

Until then, have a spiffy weekend.