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Infertility Sucks

Yesterday, I delivered the amazing news that we're expecting a baby in January. I am really stoked about this upcoming event. I am also little surprised about how easy it ended up being to conceive a baby, once we agreed we were ready to take a plunge into parenthood.

But that doesn't mean I don't empathize with those that can't have children. Or those that have been trying for years upon years to conceive. I know several dear friends that have wanted to have a child, but for whatever reason haven't been able to. I also know of others who are infertile, but have tried countless procedures to try to solve the problem. Many of them have moments of hope where it seems like the procedure was a success, but then are crushed when the results don't happen. I think with the coming baby, I actually feel more empathy for the couples struggling with this awful 'disease.'

Over at Collective Publishing (maybe you've heard me mention them before?), Diane Bertolin writes a insightful article on infertility. What makes it such a powerful piece, is that she has suffered through the inability to have a child. So, the article offers an authenticity and emotion that I would never be able to convey. She relates her own struggles, but also offers up rather interesting facts about infertility. Like the article mentions, I also hope infertility is something that eventually gets more attention from the government and the proper measures are taken to help out the poor couples struggling with this 'disease.'


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  3. You're right. I don't. Which is why I thought the article was worth posting.


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