This Post Contains Canada's Best Barenaked Ladies

Since yesterday was Canada's 144th birthday, it just seems appropriate to play a video of one of Canada's more well known bands. Now, I've never been a huge fan of the Barenaked Ladies (I prefer Tragically Hip as Canada's signature group), but there is a few of their songs that I dig. The Old Apartment is definitely my all time favourite Barenaked Ladies song. I probably would have liked them much more if they cut a few more tracks like this one. It's a bit more serious than there other stuff but still keeps that catchy and sing-along kind of vibe. So, let's embrace Canada for one more day and revel in some Barenaked Ladies.

Oh, and how was my Canada Day? Well, it was full of strawberry picking, hot dog eating, bike riding, rock and roll listening, funnel cake devouring and fireworks watching. So, basically everything you want out of a Canada Day. We enjoyed a lovely time at Brantford's Lion's Park, where the city put on a huge celebration. It was a really good time and a holiday well spent.

How has everyone's long weekend been so far?