When I Tell People I'm a Writer. . .

They almost always show some sincere excitement believing they've encountered someone with a unique and exciting job. You almost see their face begin to glow and you can sense their hope as if they're saying , "This person might have some interesting stories that will make this day more fascinating."

And then they ask the inevitable question.

"What do you write?"

Even though that is almost all they ever ask, you can sense there is more to the question. They're really wondering if they've ever read my stuff before. Or they're wondering if I'm secretly their favourite author they've been enjoying for years. They want me to be an author of books or a renowned travel writer or film critic or at least a journalist. They want to hear stories about all my adventures in tracking down leads or doing research for my latest crime fic novel.

Then I say, "I mostly write ad and sales copy or ghost write corporate blogs or . . ."

Then it doesn't matter what I say. The glow has been vanquished. The questions have fled. And now they just want the conversation to end. I'm no longer their hope for interesting stories or vicarious living. I'm just a dude that writes what they assume is horrible boring crap.

Maybe for some it is. But it is 'horrible boring crap' that pays a rather pretty penny. The prettiest penny that I've ever seen. It is so pretty it would be declared prom queen, if someone would just ask it to the prom.

So, maybe my writer status doesn't make me the most thrilling person at dinner parties, but I am still pretty enthused that I can essentially make a living off something I've wanted to do for most of my life.

Besides, I am hoping to eventually start writing that more 'exciting stuff' too. And as you know, I do have some byline work out there, but depending on your interest in politics, the content may or may not be termed 'exciting'.

For now, I'll just keep on making money writing my press releases or sales pitches or marketing reports or advertisements. And I'll continue to excite people by revealing I am a writer then crush their hopes for interesting conversation by explaining what I mostly write.


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