Follow Up on My Recent Jack Layton Tribute Article

I have to say that it does my heart really good that only after one day, my Jack Layton post is the second most viewed article ever on the blog. There seems to a view that modern society is disengaged from politics or doesn't care about the news or won't read something unless it is about the latest celebrity break-up. It's nice to have that proven wrong, and to know there was a lot of Canadians and even Americans who were interested in clicking on a link and reading about the late great Jack Layton. Thanks readers for constantly proving that you're highly intelligent and care about important events or figures, and also willing to read my long walls of text.

I also wanted to give two shout outs. One is to Scott Keith who is the owner of the very popular Blog of Doom. Who not only gave my blog post a link, but he also put it on his very read weekly wrestling recap article on Inside Pulse. The other is to Diane Bertolin of the Collective Publishing Company, who did something even better than post a link to my article.

Collective Publishing purchased my article, and so it is now posted in its entirety on the site. You can go over right now, and read the whole article all over again. Or if you missed when I posted it here, then you can drop on over there to read it for the first time. I'm honoured that my tribute to a great man has the chance to reach even more eyeballs.

Be sure to do me favour and give a huge thank you to both those people. The best way to do that is to check out their site and enjoy their content. Scott's stuff tends to go along the lines of wrestling and comic books and actions movies and other fanboy fun. Collective Publishing is the wonderful site that has published a few of my articles in past, and offers up high quality political, financial, and social news articles on a daily basis. So, even if you don't want to do it as a favour to me, then at least enjoy the fantastic material for yourself.

I've stated that my blog is essentially the place where I am free to rant and rave without having to be edited. It is self rewarding. I don't necessarily do it for any career furthering. But it is nice when a blog post does pay off in an actual monetary way, and proof that you never know when or how your work will benefit you (even when it wasn't done with that goal in mind).

Once again, I just want to say RIP Jack Layton and you will most definitely be missed by many.