Here is What I Left, So I Could Come Back For You

Well, you and the clients that pay my mortgage and my pets that I miss dearly when I'm away for a few days. But its better for our relationship if you just believe I left the relaxation and beauty of cottage country for you.

But now that I'm back, I am recharged and ready for many more days of glorious writing. Or at least days of sitting in front of the computer mashing on a keyboard, while the pats guard/warm my feet. Oh the wonderful life of a writer.

As for a recap of my mini vacation, we traveled up to Goderich to stay at a cottage our friends rented. I came up armed with several books and movies. I ended up not watching any movies and didn't even finish my first book. But even though that strategy of relaxation was not a success, I still had a magnificent time. We spent lots of time just enjoying the town of Goderich and chilling out on the beach. Plus our friends have one of the most beautiful one year old daughters on the entire planet. So, it was nice playing with her and getting me ready for what is up ahead for the Spicer family.

So, that was my mid week excitement. How have things been with you?