A "I Really Am Going to be a Father" Moment

I've just got back from our first ultrasound. Throughout my life, I've experience non religious events that I could still describe as spiritual; moments that emotionally move me in ways I don't quite understand; an event that instantly touches me to my very core. Looking at this simple ultrasound was one of those moments.

Anyone who knows me, wouldn't be too surprise to find out that I got a little dust in the eyes when looking at the ultrasound. When I was looking at the blobs on the screen and trying to figure out what was an arm or head or butt, I started recognizing that this was my child. This was the very life form that would bestow the title of father upon me. But it was so much more than that. This was the being that I will love and protect and provide and teach in a way like nothing before. This was my child. One of the symbols and demonstrations of the indescribable love I have for Emily. And now, yet another person who I will love more than almost anything.

Another member of my family. My child.

Yes, this may all sound rather hyperbolic or flowery. But I am writer, and so I hope I can be excused.

Besides, one can't always control their thoughts and feelings. And I felt a lot of emotions and power looking at that simple ultrasound. I was bombarded with a million thoughts about the future. So, I felt the crash of an emotional wave. It really was one of the true spiritual moments of my life.

Despite the fact that some of the pictures made my future child look like an owl.


  1. Anonymous9:26 am

    Elizabeth MacArthur via Facebook:

    enjoyed reading this

  2. Thanks. I enjoyed writing it.

  3. Anonymous11:30 am

    Bonnie de Bruijn via Facebook:

    there's a foot that kicks me over and over and again on my right side. and i love that little foot beyond words. it's a crazy/amazing thing this process isn't it!?! when is emily due? our baby's due sept 14th!

  4. Anonymous11:31 am

    Laurie Korstanje via Facebook:

    Yes thank you Chris. I caught up reading. It's great news. I bet your mom and dad are thrilled.

  5. January 3rd-ish. So depending on how Type A and impatient our child is, it could be a New Year's baby.


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