I'm Not One To Think Society Is In a Mass Moral Decline But. . .

If I was a believer in the end times being near or the world going to hell, then this would be the week that supports my stance.

Great Britain plagued by mass riots, pillaging and anarchy.

United States is given their own share of crazines with random shootings and flash mobs.

The global economy continually swirling around in the toilet.

The Middle East playing host to civil unrest and the usual assortment of insanity.

Places like Somalia are tormented by famines along with corruption and violence.

Essentially, the news is not your current source of warm fuzzies and one is led to believe this week is not much more than a harbinger for depression and sadness.

I'll decide to cope with it by encouraging you to check out my previous post for necessary uplifting.

Otherwise, I don't have much more to add for the moment. Though I'm sure that will eventually change.

Hope you're all having a much more joyous week.