It's Monday, So Let's Watch Videos from a Late 90s/Early 00s Pop Culture Phenomenon

I was never huge fan of Who Want To Be A Millionaire, but I can appreciate the fact it was a massive part of late 90s/early 00s pop culture. It inspired a plethora of prime time game shows, and essentially made game shows 'must see TV" for the first time since the 50s (when television first became a household staple). The Millionaire was the king of the TV ratings until it was replaced with the next non scripted (thus cheaper to produce) phenomenon, Survivor.

Though I wasn't a regular watcher of Millionaire (basically I'd catch it while flipping through channels), I did end up getting hit with the usual water cooler chatter. Most people around me did watch the show, and it was super hot and trendy. I realize it did create some classic moments, and probably the biggest moment was when somebody finally won the million dollars. I don't think it could have been won in a more memorable and classic fashion.

And just so you can enjoy the polar opposite and the 'car wreck' type enjoyment portion of the show, here is one poor contestant's epic failure.