The Latest "Spiritual" Moment for a Soon To Be Father

A little while back, I had mentioned how seeing the ultrasound of my soon to be child (who may be an owl) was a powerful and almost spiritual like moment. I was overcome with emotions, and it really clicked that my life was going to be different -- better. I love Emily more than anything in this world, but it was looking at this ultrasounds that I realized someone else was eventually going to get that same level of love (not sure if it is the same or even equal -- but just as powerful and impactful). I realized this was a new being that I would vow to protect, support, and love. And I was also filled with a lot of emotions that I can't quite explain, but I knew it was coming from a place of purity and 'parenthood' (whatever that may mean in this context).

Well, I recently experienced yet another spiritual moment. Another powerful time where I was absolutely filled with emotions. I once again realized that I was going to be a father -- which in itself is really powerful and overwhelming.

Emily has been talking about experiencing 'flutters' for a few weeks now. She believed she could feel the baby moving. Though she wasn't sure, since this was the first time she allowed a being to occupy her insides, and thus didn't know what it felt like. We also were under the belief that the baby was still a little too small to feel much. But our midwives then informed us that there was a chance the baby may start 'kicking' and could be felt.

So, finally Emily alerted me that she felt movement and that she wanted me to feel the belly. The hope was that I would feel something too, and thus prove she wasn't going crazy or imagning a moving baby.

As an aside, it has been established by almost everyone who has done ultrasounds or listened to heart beats or whatever, that our baby is a mover, The baby doesn't like to stay still. It shouldn't be a huge surprise considering the child's parents.

Anyway, I am now just prolonging the anticipation.

So, I agreed to feel the belly. I had tried a few times in the past and felt nothing.

But this time. . .

I felt a 'kick.'

Well, I say 'kick' but it really could have been anything. But I felt it, and immmediately after Emily asked if I felt anything. At that moment, we both verified that our child was moving. I then felt another 'kick' shortly after that, and Emily verified again she felt that as well. It wasn't imagination. It was real.

Now, I say 'kick' but I prefer to call it a 'high five' from my baby. My baby was giving out a high five, and saying, "I am feeling good, Daddy, and I love you."

Now, I know that it could have been my child's butt or head or whatever. It doesn't matter. I felt my future baby. Our future baby. If I thought the ultrasound was a moment of emotion and spirutuality -- well, it didn't compare to actually feeling my child move.

A high five and a "I am feeling good, Daddy, and I love you."

I was hit by the wave, and completely covered in emotion. This is our future baby, and the being that will shape the rest of our life. This is the litte person who will make me become a father. It is a life that I must protect, cherish, nurture, and love.

"I am feeling good, my child, and I love you, too."