The Pictorial Revelation of Where I Disappeared to for the Last Week

I think it is very clear that my one week hiatus was due to a vacation. Yes, the self employed need vacations too. I deemed this past week the perfect time to take the long overdue vacation with my gorgeous wife. We declared it our official 'babymoon', because a baby is coming and apparently, you can't just leave them with a breeder every time you want to go off on an adventure. So, this is our last big vacation for a bit.

But the pressing question of the day, is where did we vacation off to?

Well, I am about to reveal that. But not with words. Oh no. But with pictures.

But not any random pictures, but the very pictures taken during the glorious vacation.

See, if you can guess where we were.


  1. Anonymous11:15 pm

    Jason Chow via Facebook:

    Awesome! A well deserved time away, looked like a blast...I love NY :-)

  2. Anonymous8:57 am

    Taylor Johnston via Facebook:

    likes this.


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