A Powerful Comic That Will Make You Think

I'm a huge fan of Winston Rowntree (the alias for the person who writes the Subnormality comics), and I've linked to many of his comics in the past. His comics have a great range from the hilarious to the political to the thought provoking to the plain weird. I feel he produces some of the very best comics around, and I appreciate he doesn't limit himself to expected comics standard (like the typical three panels). He does draw beautifully, but he often has no fear in inserting massive amounts of text as well. Essentially, he doesn't restrict his comic to a specific structure, but rather allows each work to grow into what it is supposed to be. You could laugh or smile or cringe or ponder -- possibly all in the same comic. He has turned out to have a pretty successful web comic series, proving that you don't need to fit the standards to attract readers (sometimes people are just begging for something different -- and they actually like to have to work or think a little bit for their entertainment).

I discovered this untitled piece by Winston a few days ago, and thought it was a brilliant piece of work. It was written back in 2004, and has been hiding on his website for quite awhile. I don't want to describe it too much, because it will ruin the impact of the story. Rather, I just want to encourage you to check it out and reflect upon the message it gives. Then you can come back here, and we'll have a coffee and discuss it.

Though, I do want to make note that this was during George Bush's tenure as 'ruler of the world'. Rowntree had written several comic parody pieces about Bush, and it was pretty obvious he was not a very big supporter of him. Other than that, you don't need to know too much, so go check it out.