How Not to Hide the Fact You're Smoking Pot

Go into the woods beside a heavily populated neighbourhood, three schools, and a shopping plaza.

Take a log from the woods and drag it out into the path.

You do this, because you want to sit on the log -- right on the path.

Make sure this is a path that has an entrance near the heavily used shopping plaza, and that this path is directly beside the high school.

It is crucial you do this is in the middle of the day.

Once you're sitting on your log that is on the frequently used path, light up your joint.

To your surprise, someone will likely end up walking on the path at some point during your toking. If this is the case then start shaking your joint around furiously in hopes it will disappear. When it doesn't disappear, jam it in between your legs, because then you might burn yourself. If you're in pain, then maybe the passerby's memory will be erased and he will not know you were smoking up.

When the passerby comes near, make sure you make a blank face and stare directly ahead of you. Because it is really natural for people to sit on a log on a path and then stare blankly into the distance. Nobody will ever suspect you're high.

If you follow all these directions, then congratulations you really are a pot head.


  1. Anonymous6:47 pm

    hahaha!!! fail

  2. Anonymous7:00 am

    Lucas Spicer via Facebook:

    next time you walk by, be sure to inform them how chronic use can help develop schizophrenia...aaand then, if they continue, i'm sure i'll be walking by them in guarded rooms (not fun for's be the norm the last many weeks).

  3. It's not like this is a regular daily routine. But if I see them again. . . I'll probably forget to say any of that.


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