It's Friday, So Why Not Another Comic from Winston Rowntree

I've made my love for Winston Rowntree and his Subnormality comcis pretty clear in the past. And at this point, you either agree with me or just skip the blog that I end up pimping his stuff on. Just in case you need me to occasionally direct you over to his site, I decided to put up one more post extolling his excellence.

This comis is entitled, "We Assume of Others, What We Know of Ourselves" and I think, for the most part it is a pretty spot on comic. Though maybe I only think that, because what I know of myself?

I appreciate the comic, because I think it showcases one of the big reasons that causes conflict or confusion among people. We assume certain things about people, or more specifically, we expect people to have views, beliefs, ideas and thought process that are similar to ourselves. I think a lot of headaches and problems would be resolved if we recognized that not only are people quite different than ourselves, but is is far better to take the time to find out who a person is rather than create your own fictional notion of how they're feeling or thinking.

Anyway, its an interesting comic, and I promise there is no Nazis in it this time.