A Me Update: Summer 2011 Edition

It's September 1st, which means I get to flip my Star Wars calendar to a cool poster of Boba Fett, and even better the kids who yell outside my window all day are soon to disappear. Of course, my beautiful and wonderful wife also is going to be around a lot less, but I'm still not allowed to talk about that yet. Even though my Star Wars calendar claims otherwise, as far as I'm concerned, since it is September then it is the end of summer (though that officially happens on the 23rd -- thanks Boba Fett!).

But a new month and more rain and a cooler temperature (YAHOO!) is a good enough summer send off for me. So, I think it is fitting to do a quick summer recap.

Work: I heard from countless sources that the summer months are one of the driest times for freelance writing work (the other being mid December to end of January). With that knowledge lodged in my brain, I was a little nervous about this summer, and started resigning myself to the fact the season would just have to be a big marketing blitz (and hope I made up the lost money in the Fall). Well, for someone who just started this freelance thing, I'd say my summer was actually a pretty big success. I didn't go a week without work, and I was able to pay all my bills and mortgage payments (and still have extra money for fun).

The majority of my work was ad and sales copy. The best part of it was that I built up a lot of long term relationships, which is nice because I have a crush on consistent work. There was a few businesses that did state they didn't have a budget for sales copy, but would be looking for work in the fall. Essentially, I've got hope that September will mean even more work, which is nice for someone who doesn't like to be evicted or have his hydro cut.

As for non sales copy work, I had the few articles for the Collective Publishing Company, but that started to decrease over the summer for variety of reasons. I did have a few other project lined up but for reasons I don't want to recount here, they ended up either falling through or being postponed.

I am excited for the fall because I have a few more super secret projects in the works, that I am really excited about. If you keep on checking in here, then I might be nice enough to eventually let you know about them.

Vacation: I had a lot more vacation time than I thought I would as a self employed person. Or more importantly, I was able to afford to have more vacation time than I thought (because a 'paid' vacation means I'm paying for it by not making money). It did end up meaning I worked a few weekends here and there, but it was well worth it since I got to spend quality time with those that I loved.

New York was a centrepiece trip, and it was well worth the anticipation. A really great city, with tons to see. I just loved the hustle and bustle and unique atmosphere. There isn't anywhere else like it. But saying that, it is definitely a 'nice to visit, not want to live there' kind of place.

Family: Emily is doing well, and as you know, we've seen the ultrasound and heard the heart beats. Baby Spicer seems to be really healthy. She/He lets me know she/he is doing well by giving me the occasional high five. It's exciting thinking about becoming a father, but I am also enjoying the 'calm before the storm.'

As for Summit and Crosby, they're both doing spiffy. Crosby continues to sing me songs about his hunger. Summit continues to adore attention. He recently went carting for the first time this summer, which went really but I wish we could have done far more. Unfortunately, circumstance got in the way, but hopefully, he'll get some more carting training in the fall.

Movie Watching: I said a few months back that I was disappointed with how few movies I've seen in the last few years and felt that my 'movie buff' title should be revoked. This year I've seen six pictures at the cinema and several more on DVD. I feel I'm finally catching up a little on pop culture. For the most part, I've enjoyed the films I've watched.

Miscellaneous: There has been the 'family emergency' that we've all had to deal with, and has made this summer harder than one would like. For the most part, I'd chalk it up as an enjoyable summer, or at least, one that has had some great moments. It puts me in a good place for the fall, and I look forward to what is coming ahead.

How was everyone's summer?