Quick Weekend Sports Thoughts

I'm still trying to finish up the very things that put me on my short blog hiatus, but I wanted to chime in with my thoughts on one some of the sport events of the weekend.

Now, last night was what I wanted to see out of my Chicago Bears. For the second straight week, my favourite football team got one of the nationally televised prime time spots. Unlike last week where they got stomped by the Lions and didn't look like a team that only a year ago was in the NFC Championship, they looked magnificent against the Minnesota Vikings and laid down a rather delicious clobbering. In a pretty huge game between two NFC North Division rivals, the Chicago Bears pulled off a major 39-10 win. I realize the Vikings are currently dwelling in the basement of the NFC North, but Bears would have had to share it with them if they lost this week. That is a hard pill to swallow when only a year ago they clinched this division, and were just a game away from playing in the Super Bowl.

It was a great game if you're a Bears fan, because they really showed vast improvement compared to the disaster that was last week. The offensive line actually remained awake and did a pristine job of protecting Cutler. Cutler continued to show that he really is one of the better QBs in the NFL by performing marvellously once again (with the added bonus of actually getting time to do his magic). Devin Hester had an amazing night scoring two touchdowns. One of those touchdowns was a 90 plus yard kick return, which was guaranteed highlight reel material. Forte wasn't used as much this week and this is a good thing, because you can't rely on one man to give you over 40% of your offensive output. Though, I still hope the GM turns around and offers Forte the money he wants, because the Bears need the man in order to go far. The Bears made some key changes after last week's loss, and looked really strong this time out. I have some confidence that things can be turned around, and the Bears still have a shot at a playoff spot (it's going to be tough with the Lions and Packers pulling away from the pack).

Speaking of tough, Game 6 was a tough one for both Brewer and Tiger fans. The Tigers and Ranger series was a real delight to watch and brought some exciting and competitive ball. The Tigers fell apart in Game six, and they were trounced by the Rangers. It was a rather disappointing finish on what had been a close series up to that point. The same goes for the Brewers-Cardinals series, which had been extremely close until the final game where Cardinals cruised to the National League Championship.

I liked the idea of the Milwaukee Brewers battling the Detroit Tigers in the World Series, because it really is two cities that need a huge break (it'd be nice to have them both get a shot at finally having a championship). I am also at peace with a St. Louis Cardinals-Texas Rangers World Series. It is still a really fresh match up. I have grown to become a pretty big Rangers fan (I always had a soft spot for them, but I love the energy this team has showed the past two seasons). I love Ron Washington, and how excited and passionate he gets during the game. I can't wait to see how he will respond if his boys actually bring home the big championship this year. I also think it should be a really good World Series. Both the National League and American League Championship were competitive series if you discount the final game blow outs. I'm looking forward to a high energy and extremely competitive final series.