Thanks to the Turkey

In the northern region of this North America, many break into merry celebration and raucous glee over this long weekend.
A weekend where families unite and cheer is passed out to all those willing to partake.
It is Thanksgiving, and so a time we scour our soul to find what we're truly thankful for.
On this weekend, we must remember that there are some individuals who have played a big part in allowing us to celebrate this weekend.
Without them, Thanksgiving would not be the same.
It was their sacrifice that allowed us to truly unite as families and revel in the things that make this country great.
It is their selflessness that gives us cause to celebrate. . . properly.
So, today I want to thank these great individuals.

Of course, I am talking about the turkeys.
Not the turkeys that cut you off on the highway.
Nor the turkeys that call you in the middle of dinner to see if you want a free oven inspection.
Nor the turkeys who believe you like your job better when they yell and spit in your face.

No, I'm talking about the magnificent birds.
The birds that spend countless hours fattening up.
They tirelessly work at being the best and most succulent bird that they can be.
They make sure they don't master flying or become too fast.
This is a bird that becomes larger than the rest at the farm.
So it can stand out.
It stands out to ensure you know its purpose.

To be the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving meal.

Pigs prefer to scour the fields for truffles.
Roosters are intent are making sure you don't sleep in on long weekends.
Cows are idiots.
Chickens keep on refusing to lay golden eggs.
Ducks continue to be the more annoying cartoon characters.
But the turkey, it is looking out for us.
It is sacrificing for us.

Oh thank you, oh great turkey.
Without you, there would be no Thanksgiving Feast.

Oh you marvelous bird.
You gobble gobble all year.
So, I can gobble gobble you down one delicious evening.


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