Tuesday is a Perfect Day to Listen to a Frog Sing

Or more specifically listen to Kermit sing 'The Rainbow Connection." This is from the original The Muppet Movie, which would also be a perfect thing to watch on a Tuesday. This was one of the first films I ever saw in the drive-in (it was during a re-release since even I was too young to appreciate cinema during its original release in 1979). True story, this song was actually nominated for a Best Original Score at both the Academy Awards and Golden Globes (it lost out both times to "It Goes Like It Goes" from " Norma Rae), and it also was a huge radio hit when it first came out.

Sadly, Kermit never got to enjoy a true music career where he toured stadiums throughout the 80s, made a failed comeback as a grunge act in the early 90s, wrote a tell-all book in the early 2000s that reveals his addiction to flies, made a gritty cameo on CSI, and then re-launched his career by being an open parody of himself.

Despite never doing any of that, I'd say his career turned out okay. Anyway, I promised you a song.