What I'm Thankful For. . .

It's Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, so why not list the things that I'm really thankful for in my life.

I'm thankful for Emily,
Because you can never stop celebrating the fact you married way out of your league.

I'm thankful for my parents,
Because if I'm not, then I may never get invited over for dinner again.

I'm thankful I can make a living as a writer,
Because it beats asking, 'Would you like to make it a combo?"

I'm thankful for Crosby and Summit,
Because working at home would be insanely lonely without their occasional visits.

I'm thankful for my friends and family,
Because if I'm not, there will be no chance I can convince them to do free babysitting.

I'm thankful for Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery",
Because without it, I'd have lost so much of my inspiration to be a writer.

I'm thankful for the original Star Wars,
Because it allowed a young boy to begin dreaming about new worlds and adventures.

I'm thankful for compliments and encouragement,
Because it often came from people I admire and love.

I'm thankful for fiction,
Because I have an avenue for all these crazy thoughts that constantly barge into my brain.

I'm thankful for 'hanging out',
Because sometimes there just isn't a better way to see the time go by

I'm thankful for memories,
Because sometimes you need more than just a photograph.

I'm thankful for my readers,
Because if you're going to rant and rave, it's no fun doing it alone.

I'm thankful for pizza delivery,
Because it allows me to be in charge of supper sometimes.

I'm thankful for history,
Because it prepares me for the future.

I'm thankful for Brantford,
Because it's my city, and I am preferential towards things that involve me.

I'm thankful for advice and help,
Because good or bad, it shows you care.

I'm thankful,