Yankees Tie Series; Darkness Reigns Over Earth

My brother-in-law made a World Series prediction that got me very much intrigued and excited about its prospects. Detroit Tigers vs. Milwaukee Brewers. I'm pumped about that World Series, because it is truly a fresh baseball final. May not be one that is a dream for TV networks since it is the battle of two small markets. It has the potential for some interesting stories. And tonight had the opportunity to be step one towards that unique championship match-up.

I was pumped with Tigers actually leading the series and having the very real chance of winning the series at home, and go on to meet the Texas Rangers in the American League Championship.

Like most things in baseball, Yankees decided to mess that all up. They went on to give the Tigers one nasty trouncing tonight. In the 8th inning, the Tigers completely fell apart and allowed a huge 6 runs. Yankees walked away with a 10-1 drubbing.

Now, Yankees have a huge advantage going into Game 5, as they play at home where they're pretty tough to beat. I now fear that there is the dark future of yet another World Series with the Yankees. Of course, we do have the Rangers waiting in the wings to pull off the second straight upset against them in the American League Championship.

But I fear the World Series that was planted in my mind and got me very giddy, is quickly becoming a fantasy.

Prove me wrong, Detroit. Prove me wrong. After all, it would be so much sweeter to send the Yankees golfing at home.


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