34th Annual Birthday Update

34th Annual Birthday Update

It was great.

More specifically, it was more magnificent and magical than shaving a yeti and French kissing a unicorn. It was just that good of a birthday.

I started the day off by receiving a birthday card from a friend that I haven't heard from in way way way way too long. And that my dear readers, is a hundred times more marvelous than prancing through a lollipop field while being followed by an army of dancing pandas. Yes, it was a time we all wish could be done on a daily basis. Alas such a thing can't happen because birthday cards really only have meaning once a year and a long lost friend becomes much less lost when you hear from them daily (and a little tiresome if they send you nothing but birthday cards).

On top of the delightful but unexpected birthday card, I was graced with lovely phone calls and social media notes from many beloved family and friends. It made me feel well liked. I like being liked, so it made for a good time all around.

After reading the card, I was commanded to head down stairs where I was confronted with a birthday breakfast feast. The type that would topple kings and turn a mere peasant into stone. It was true magic, and the most epic of all breakfasts. To just give you a mere glimpse into the awesomeness of this breakfast, I will reveal that it had BACON! Lots and lots of BACON! Oh yes, the most pure and heavenly of all breakfast meats. The mere presence of bacon was enough to declare it the greatest day ever, and I could just call it a birthday right there.

But I didn't.

Because there was glorious birthday loot to be had.

First, my beautiful and enchanting wife gave me a birthday card. It was a lovely and sweet card that actually brought some tears to my eyes. Though, anyone who knows me probably isn't shaken by this revelation. It appears I often find myself in very dusty rooms.

After the card, she revealed her birthday gifts. One of these amazing gifts happened to be a brand new camera. This gift is proof that my wife is rather keen at the listening. Because for a few months, I've been rambling on about how it would be cool to take up photography as a hobby. Since I've been making a decent living from my writing, I started realizing I should probably start investing in some new hobbies. Partly because sometimes it is nice to take a break from what is now deemed your work, but also, a good writer dabbles in other things so that the writer has new material to write about. So, I thought becoming a photographer would be fun, and my wife probably prefers me to not take possession of her new semi-professional camera I bought her last Christmas. So, I've got my own little piece of picture taking technology, and look forward to weeks of trying to convince Summit to actually look at the camera.

Along with various camera accessories, I also got myself a USB Flash Drive, which I realize doesn't sound like much of a gift to brag about. Except that it is designed to look like R2 D2, and that the drive contains several Star Wars themed digital wall papers and other goodies. Since I was about 3, Star Wars stuff has been a guaranteed winner for birthday gifts. So, I'm glad to have my inner geek pacified this year.

Oh, but the loot did not end there. Oh no. My former tenant decided to do her best impression of awesomeness by giving me two super awesome gifts.

Her first gift was the 9 disc box set of the Star Wars films on Blu-Ray. Now, I'm admittedly not the biggest prequels fan, and I'd rather the words "special edition" were never uttered (also stop the damn TWEAKING George!). But this set actually contains several awesome documentaries and specials from the 70s and 80s, and you just aren't going to get that stuff anywhere else on Blu-Ray. I am not only a massive Star Wars geek, but I love my pop culture history or more specifically, checking out pieces from different eras. And why not let those pieces be revolved around one of the biggest things of my entire childhood. So, a definite thumbs up on getting the box set (even if Solo and Greedo have to tie now).

But the gift giving and awesome did not end there. My tenant also gave me one of the most wonderful things ever: a Chicago Bears baby onesie along with bib and booties. So now, my little baby can use the powers of cuteness to spread the word about the most awesome football team in the entire world. Nobody can fight cuteness. Plus I've always been told it is vital to indoctrinate the sports team love early, and so this clothing should work out well.

And speaking of the Bears, I used social media to request a small birthday gift from them. The Bears got trounced pretty badly the last time they played the Lions. But the Bears have regrouped and gone undefeated since that game. So, I was confident things would go better in the rematch. Just to be sure, I used social media sources to ask that the Bears beat the Lions for my birthday gift. I am a loyal fan, so I was sure they'd want to get me something.

Well, they sure delivered on their present to me. I only asked for a win, but they gave me a trouncing. The Lions got thrashed pretty badly today, and the Bears are looking like a legitimate threat. Now, I'm hoping for a rather nice Christmas present of my Bears downing the currently undefeated but still evil, Packers. It'd be fantastic to get a win against every team in the division, especially since the Wild Card spot is our best hope for play-off glory. I was doubting any chance of play-offs a few weeks back, so it’s great to now watch a Bears team that is a legitimate force, and it’s looking more and more like they have a solid outside shot at the Super Bowl (though I'll just settle for a lovely win streak straight to the big Christmas game for now).

So yes, my birthday was more awesome than armour plated meerkats and a kick boxing lemur. I'd be more than happy for several more birthdays to follow this formula for years to come. Though maybe not exactly, that might get a little monotonous (plus I don't need that many cameras). But all in all, a rather splendid 34th birthday.

How was your Sunday?