Hey, Remember My Blog? Well, Here Is My Excuse For Its Absence

So, I did warn you about an extended hiatus. But I also didn't give you any indication that it would be almost a month long. But it has been. Oops. Chalk another one up for unexpected occurrences in life.

And I know excuses are usually about as welcomed as an army of termites at a carpenter convention. But I'm going to pass a few along anyway, so you don't just think I've been dancing in my underwear in my backyard (though, you probably now are rather peeved about that image in your head).

I originally took the hiatus so that I could focus on landing several long term clients for the new year, while also trying to actually please my current clients by finishing their work. I worked so hard to land several clients based off the fact that a little one is on the way come January, and Emily will be staying at home to do the whole new mother thing. This means I now become the main source of financial support in this family, which means it'd be nice to have some pretty steady flows of income coming our way. Unless everyone just want to start paying our mortgage and bills (I'm open to it, you know). Since I'm assuming mortgage payments and such will be my responsibility, I felt it was my duty to push pretty hard for long term and well paying clients (and so I did -- along with the whole doing my usual client work).

On top of that, some other factors came rolling in, which lead to an unexpected extension on my blog hiatus. You may remember me alluding to a 'family emergency' that has been looming over this year. Well, at the end of October it turned into a family tragedy. An expected one, but hard just the same. So, I again really only wanted to focus on the pressing writing matters (those that paid) at the time. I decided to hold off for another week before starting to blog again.

Then another unexpected thing happened.

My health.

I'm going to be okay, so don't start any animal sacrifices for my sake. But this week, I came down with some rather painful health issues. So again, I only wanted to be in front of the computer if it meant the work would lead to guaranteed money. So the blog got the shaft.

I think, that is enough excuses for now.

I'm hoping to get things rolling once again. Unless an unexpected meteorite hits tonight, let's officially call the hiatus over.


So, how has your last few weeks been?


  1. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Charles Thompson via Facebook:

    hope you're feeling better Chris. Just read your bloc post.

  2. I appreciate it, Charles. I seem to be going slowly down recovery road. It has been a crazy last few weeks.


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