In an Attempt to Be a Good Canadian. . .

I watched a whole 5 minutes of the Grey Cup.

I would have watched more but after my Bears' loss, I completely forgot there was this little championship football game going on up here until my wife reminded me. It doesn't help that the Canadian sports station I was watching also seemed to forget there was a CFL championship game and made no mentioned of it during their sports recap show (may have something do with the rival sports station being the carrier of the Grey Cup). But once I started watching a part of the game, I was quickly reminded how different the rules were compared to the NFL and it made it sort of hard to watch (though from the five minutes I watched, the game seemed pretty fast paced).

I don't really watch the CFL, and prefer the NFL several hundred times more. I went through a bit of pro-Canadian football kick in the early 90s where I claimed I thought the CFL was way better than the NFL, but even then, I watched NFL games more than CFL. I love my country and all, but I prefer my American football from the actual American league.

The stadium seemed pack, and the fan were pretty rabid. There seems to be enough people that enjoy getting a bit of a CFL fix. I know around here, it is usually pretty rare you'll see anyone wearing CFL gear, but NFL jerseys are really common. But I am sure that isn't the case in all Canadian cities, plus it might just be a matter of me not paying close enough attention to what people are actually wearing. I don't talk CFL with any of my football loving friends, and I've never really seen a CFL game played in a bar. Though, I'm sure it would have been playing in most bars tonight, because otherwise, I hear the bar owners get deported to the moon by the Canadian government.

Though, it probably doesn't help CFL's case for being recognized as prime modern entertainment when they're pushing the fact Nickelback is there big halftime entertainment. In 2011, I am not sure if there are too many people that openly admit to liking Nickelback unless it is in an ironic way (the same way most hipsters drink Pabst Blue). I really don't think most major organization would willingly pay major bucks to showcase Nickelback, and pass it off as a pretty major deal. But that is the CFL for you, and I'm sure they had Men Without Hats as the backup band for tonight (though, I'd stuck around for the live performance of "The Safety Dance").

So yeah, I feel CFL is the inferior product and so I'm less likely to invest my time in it. Plus it is a league that decides to not follow the same rules as the more popular league, and thus it makes me less eager to even bother trying to follow it.

But at the same time, I'll defend the CFL because I'm funny like that and take pride in the fact Canada has its own football league. One that has developed many legendary players and have had several CFL stars that went on to be huge NFL superstars. I do think CFL is a fine league and I'm glad for its existence; I'm just not so good at following it nor do I ever see that changing.

But I do try to catch the Grey Cup every single year. I did a mighty fine job of that back in the '90s, but the addition of adult responsibilities has meant my 2000s track record has been far less impressive. I believe I've missed the championship completely the last few years. I've made up for it by catching the whole 5 minutes this year.

Next year, I hope to actually try to catch the whole game, because it will be the 100th Grey Cup. That is a pretty impressive feat, since there isn't too many sport championships that can claim to be kicking around for 100 years. I'm assuming they'll do something all bright and shiny and almost modern next year. I'd like to try to remember to actually watch it.

As for this year's game, BC Lions downed the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, and the people in Vancouver appeared to be mighty pleased. Maybe it almost makes up for that whole Stanley Cup thing from a few months back.


  1. This post makes me sad. Having moved out of Ontario it has been incredible to see just how much the CFL is revered throughout most of the rest of Canada. I'm definitely still nowhere near as big a fan as most, but the game is so unique and exciting in its own ways. I love how they don't seem to need to try so much to hype everything and I appreciate the lack of overanalysing from the commentators.

    The packed stands everywhere but in Ontario are quite awesome. Almost had a chance to go to an eskies game a few weeks ago and I'm sad I had to pass it up. Next year I'll be getting to some games for definite.

    ps... Also still hopeful about the bears. Post seaon will happen.

  2. I openly admit my lack of interest in the CFL is my own fault and even more likely due to where I actually live. If I lived in a place full of rabid fans then I'd have likely caught the buzz and tried out far more games.

    As for the Bears, Hanie really did calm down and up his game in the second half, and so I have hope that things will be better in the upcoming games.


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