Just When the Bears Season was Looking Magical. . .

Jay Cutler comes away with a fractured thumb!

Bears started out slow this season, but they've now gone undefeated for 5 games. They've been looking like a team primed to snag a wild card spot and make a serious run for the Super Bowl. Sure, Packers are looking amazingly strong (boy, does it hurt me to say that), but the Bears were playing like they had a chance to dethrone them.

But now we've lost our first string quarterback, and a QB who has been really delivering the goods the last several weeks (he even played well in that awful Lions' loss several weeks ago). But now there is a good chance he is out this season and that makes things look far shakier.

Bears don't rely completely on Cutler, and we still have some key players like Matt Forte and Devin Hester (and our entire defensive line). But Cutler was a playmaker and played a crucial part in our offensive output. So, this season is definitely not looking all flying unicorns and raining gumdrops like it did before I discovered this news.

On the other hand, Caleb Hanie brought the goods when we needed him in the NFC Championship (yeah we lost, but he was responsible for the comeback). He has played some this year. It isn't like he is coming in cold. He has a history of being able to play well under pressure and he has been able to make some key plays. He isn't going to be a flop or anything like that. But things definitely were far steadier when Cutler was running the show.

Hanie, this is your time to shine. You can become a star if you're able to keep this winning streak going. You have it in you. I am sure of it.

As for Cutler, get well man. It would be nice to end the season with you. You've been great this season, and it would suck to not have you around for the remainder of it.

Anyway, bad news for the Bears, but I've now got a built-in excuse for why they didn't win it all this year. Or even better, it will be even sweeter when they pull off the big upset and still bring home a championship.

What can I say; it is more fun to be pathetically optimistic.