Status of the Cutler-less Bears

Well, we can say good bye to the win streak. It was nice while it lasted.

The first half was a little scary with Hanie loving to throw passes to the opposing players. But this was also the first game he ever started in the NFL. It was taking time for the Bears offense to get adjusted to Hanie's style and skills. Once that happened, things became much nicer to watch in the second half.

The Bears defensive team was incredibly strong today, and kept the game close even when the offense was struggling.

I'm not happy with a loss, but only losing by 5 points against a strong Raiders team isn't enough to get me too pessimistic about the future of this season. Bears still have a strong chance to stick close to the Lions and fight for that wild card spot. I really think Hanie is going to grow and improve over the coming games.

Though, I also wouldn't be opposed to Cutler pulling off a miraculous recovery and return to the team immediately.