Here Have a Very Not Christmasy Comic

There is a good chance you're in a "hey, it is almost Christmas and I am going to drink eggnog until it seeps out my nose!" mode. That is entirely fine, because we are on the day that leads to the eve of that day we all call Christmas. So, if you want to be especially festive then go for it.

But I read a comic this morning that I really liked and felt it would be nice to share with you.

But it doesn't have squat to do with Christmas. So, if that fact is going to squash your Christmas buzz then don't read it.

But why would I ever link to a comic that isn't about Christmas on a day like this?

Well, because I read it today, and I didn't feel like waiting to tell you about. It is already over a month or more old, and if I wait much longer, it might start gathering mold. And do you really want a moldy comic mucking up your computer screen? I didn't think so.

Anyway, it is about not judging people, and realizing we're all very different with variety of attributes. That is the type of message I like pushing around on this blog, and so when I find other folks writing similar thing then I like to promote it.

So, here I am promoting it.

Oh yeah, Merry Christmas.