I've Grabbed Me Some Illness, But It's Not Your Fault

My lovely wife decided to get into the Christmas spirit early and gave me my first present of the season. Unfortunately, she apparently confused iPad with 'nasty virus.' But I can't get too upset since I can see how you can mix that up. I'd still like to return it, though.

This means that I am not running at full capacity today, and will likely be resting on a frequent basis. So, when I am not knocked out in my bed, I want to take full advantage of the type of work that pays for things like mortgages and bacon. Unless a miraculous healing takes place, I'll be staying away from the blog today so that I can use my awake time to do actual paid work.

Don't worry; I'm not going to leave you alone. I'm going to give you a song that I initially wasn't crazy about, but over time, it has crawled up into my brain and firmly implanted itself there. It's a catchy little tune and I find myself singing it throughout the day (thankfully for humanity's sake, usually when I'm alone).

This is AWOLNATION's "Not Your Fault", and really, it isn't your fault at all. I promise.