12 Wondrous Ways to Celebrate Betty White's 90th Birthday

1. Make a vaguely funny, pop culture laden tribute to Betty White on your blog, because a fan begged you to do something for the television icon (or maybe that is just me?)

2. Re-enact your favourite The Golden Girls moments with the '80s Golden Girl action figures. I think, the one on the top right is Rose.

3. Head down to Cleveland and wander the streets in nothing but a Speedo and constantly moan, "It is so hot here." It's Cleveland, so likely no one will notice.

4. Challenge a team of elderly ladies to a game of football, but arm them with nothing but Snickers bars. If TV is anything close to reality, they should do fine.

5. Find a person from different generations, and get them to describe the character they most associate Betty White with playing. Then sit back and enjoy as they tear each other apart for "describing the wrong character." Here is to Betty White for never getting type casted and playing so many different roles (just compare Sue Anne Nivens (The Mary Tyler Moore Show) to Rose Nylund (The Golden Girls).

6. Go to Lake Placid and find some nice, older ladies. Then offer to help do some chores for them, but do them in the worst and most incompetent way possible. Keep messing things up until you get them to start swearing at you. Come home and say, "Lake Placid is okay, but there is far too much old lady swearing."

7. Go on YouTube and watch this kind of comedic awesome.

8. Go on a road trip to find St. Olaf, Minnesota, so you can see how many stop lights they have now.

9. Make an ice sculpture of Betty White (or buy one on Kijiji), and then start saying really sweet and romantic things to it until it melts.

10. Play the "Try to Find a Funny Show Betty White Hasn't Made a Guest Appearance On" game. If that is too easy then play the "Try to Find a Guest Appearance by Betty White That Isn't Hilarious" game. If that is too easy then play Balderdash (it is fun).

11. Make a cake of a clown and call it Chuckles, and then feed it to an elephant.

Walk your dog in the rain (this really isn't a pop culture reference to anything regarding Betty White, but I did it today and it seemed like a pretty good way to spend her birthday).


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