About Those Christmas Photos I Vaguely Promised. . .

I previously said the plan was to post photos from Christmas morning on my blog on Boxing Day. But then Boxing Day decided to go and become the official birthday of my ninja kicking son, Everett. So, the pictures were left to the abyss of things not posted.

Until now.

I present to you the final unEverett-participated Christmas.

It isn't just human children that can't wait to open up their presents.

"Maybe they won't notice if I just discreetly climb up and. . . "

"Please say 'Okay'; please say 'Okay'; Please say 'Okay'."

Summit sizes up the gift and tries to figure out if it was the live rabbit he asked Santa for.


"Weirdest looking live rabbit ever, but it fits the mouth perfectly. I approve."

"Live rabbit tastes just like my tennis stick."

"Wait, this wasn't the rabbit I asked for?"

Summit finds Christmas morning to be an exhausting ordeal.

Crosby wonders what is so good about an event that doesn't involve him being fed.

Aha, the power of cat nip can even distracts Crosby from the thought of food.

Cat nip hangover.

Because the world (aka a few people on Facebook) demanded it: the requisite baby bump pic.

Now for the fashion show portion of this photo collection. Summit is sporting the latest in dog bandana wear.

Santa Cros.

And his "favourite" reindeer.

After far too many attempts, this ends up being the best family photo.

And since I know many readers won't let me do a photo collections without one photo of
Everett. . .

Here it is.

Oh okay, here is another one.

Believe it or not, this extreme cutie has a huge resemblance to the newborn version of me. I'm sorry for your future, Everett.


  1. Anonymous8:03 pm

    Noelle Whibley via Facebook:

    oh my goodness that is a pretty cute baby :)


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