My Most Viewed Blog Posts of January 2012

Back in the summer, I revealed my most viewed blog posts of all time. The rankings have changed slightly since then, but not by a significant amount. But I'm a geek when it comes to these types of statistics and my ego is large enough where I think there are a few readers that might give a rip about them too. So, I wanted to present the top viewed articles of this past month along with my usual ramblings and thoughts.

RIP Macho Man Randy Savage 1952-2011 - It is kind of crazy that a blog post I wrote over six months ago was viewed almost twice as much as the number two most viewed post. And that my loyal readers, is why this post is by far the most read ever on this blog and will likely always be in that position (unless I stumble upon creating some amazing internet meme). All the credit goes to that little search engine called Google, and the fact this post ranks really high when people go looking for almost anything with the name "macho man". Sites will rank high if they are considered an authority on the particular topics that are being googled, and much thanks to the wrestling sites that linked to this particular post thus giving me credibility for all things macho man.

Craig Kielburger: Inspiring Others For Greatness - This one is over a year old, and is beating out all the fresh content from this month by a significant amount. I mentioned this back in August, but I think the main reason it ranks so well on Google is that Kielburger is a minor celebrity that promotes causes people care about but he isn't well enough known to be written about to an extensive degree. It means several people track him down on Google, but there isn't a huge amount of competition when it comes to content on him. My site benefits from this, and gets more eyeballs than it would without this post.

The Greatest Boxing Day Surprise Ever: AKA The Most Wonderful Excuse for Not Blogging for Several Days - This is more proof that babies equal web traffic. This post snagged a huge amount of views from links on various social media sites (mainly Facebook) thanks to casual friends and acquaintances patiently waiting for the big baby announcement. I used this blog post to announce Everett's arrival, and so it got a massive amount of hits thank to that fact. Actually, it gained so many views that it is now in a comfy spot in the all-time viewed posts rankings. So yes, I use my son to superficially inflate my numbers -- I'm turning out to be a great father.

Debunking the Latest Crazy Internet Meme - I'm actually really touched by this blog post achieving so many hits. Usually my blog posts will rank high because I put the link up on various sites that I feel will have readers that would be interested in it. In the case of this post, several of my readers liked this post enough that they gave the link out to several site, and the post became a bit of a meme itself. This is probably the highest blog post I've ever written that doesn't contain babies and I did not do any extra promotion for other than the usual Twitterfeed links. It also seems people are questioning the validity of the meme targeted in this post, because I've got some hits from people on Google looking for info on "Miguel Carano" or facts of the sentencing of Kim Schmitz. Kudos to those who didn't mindlessly listen to a photoshopped picture!

About Those Christmas Photos I Vaguely Promised. .... - A post that promises cute pictures of dogs, cats and babies will never fail to attract the masses.

My Observations of My First Two Weeks of Fatherhood Plus Pictures!!! - What?!? I promise baby pictures and it gets several views? But how could this have happened? Oh yeah, that whole babies equals web traffic thing. You'd almost think I would be counting on that kind of thing when I promise things like pictures.

Oops! Sorry, Your Marriage was Just Pretend - Another post that did really well despite the fact I didn't promote it outside of the usual link I have programmed to show up on Twitter and Facebook. This post actually attracted a group of Libertarians, and I can only assume this was due to the fact that I mentioned that political affiliation in the post (because it really wasn't a post that focused on that particular political views). I also tend to get many hits from the social media sites when I promise rants on things like sex and marriage (probably because it sometimes can lead to babies).

So, How is Summit with Everett? - A picture of a baby and a cute dog. You know the drill by now.

My Thoughts on SOPA & PIPA - Yet another post that helped feed my ever growing ego, because the promotion and links largely came from my readers rather than me. Most of the views came from the day it was posted and it hasn't had much life outside of "Black Wednesday." Of course, a lot of that comes from the fact the acts were scrapped shortly after the mass internet protest.

Introducing Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine's Newest "Dad's Eye View" Columnist. . . - My ego got much more food, when the large amount of views for this post was proof that people actually care about my writing career. After this announcement, I got some really nice emails from people congratulating me on landing this job. I also know that I've landed several new regular readers for my "Dad's Eye View" column, and my actual blog has increased in daily views ever since I became the columnist too. This job has been a nice boost for my career, and I'm glad I've been able to snag a few more readers thanks to it.

And so those are the Spicer ramblings that grabbed the most eyeballs in the month of January. As always, I am incredibly thankful for every single one of my readers. You folks are the awesome.