Just Keep Swimming

Today's Daily Dose of Irony

In today's "Dad's Eye View" column I discussed how my wife really despises admitting to pain and will do whatever it takes to mask it. I think I did a pretty good job of conveying how tough my wife is, and that the fact she showed any sign of pain during labour really proved how painful it truly was.

Yet I was greeted this evening by, "Your article was really exaggerated."


"You said I screamed. I didn't scream."

"Well, you may not have let out a banshee cry, but you made some noise."

"I was grunting because I was pushing. I liked the pushing. It didn't hurt."

"I saw differently. I did write that you were really tough and mentioned it must have been unbearable for you to ever admit to pain."

"It made me sound like a wimp."

"No, it didn't. Did you at least like the article?"

"It wasn't as good as your other articles."


"Because you lied and made made me sound like a wimp."

So, there you go folks. I write an article about how my wife doesn't like to admit to any sort of pain. She tries to refute it by not wanting to admit to any type of pain. I like it when I can get real world examples to support my claims.

Did I mention how much I love my wife lately?