Reheated Valentine's Day Thoughts

I was going to write a piece on Valentine's Day, and I may still, but I've got some pay copy that really needs to be finished. It needs to be finished now because I'll be jetting out of the house early to be doing some Valentine's festivating with my beautiful wife. Because I like to celebrate Valentine's Day by letting my wife know I love her. I usually do it through fancy dinners and gifts. Yes, I'm playing right into Corporate America's trap. But I don't care. It makes my wife feel special, and that is never a bad thing even on overly marketed holidays.

Valentine's Day gets a pretty unfair rap. It has to be the most beat on of all "holidays", despite not doing anything much different than the others (well, except for not giving you a day off unless you call in sick). I talked about that very thing last year. So, you can go read that, and if I have time, maybe I'll throw in some 2012 thoughts later.