The Apparently Obligatory Sears Dishwasher Follow Up

I've been asked several times now about the status of my dishwasher. It seems like you can't blast out a rant about poor customer service and then fail to deliver the end result. As a writer, I realize an ending is a crucial part of the story, but as a man easily distracted, I sometimes leave blog posts dangling in the air without a satisfying end.

Here is your satisfying end.

Or so I am desperately hoping is the end of my dishwasher saga.

The dishwasher was delivered and installed on the same day of my rant, just like they promised (well, they didn't promise to install it on the day I tore apart their customer service, but rather I just happened to write the rant on the same day the delivery date was agreed upon). According to Emily who was with the installation guy (I was holed in my office with Summit who isn't a fan of strangers clomping through his house), the service was excellent and the guy actually did a great job of explaining features. Emily felt the installation process went better this time around. Though I'd still prefer to only have one dishwasher installed in the same spot over a three month span (now if it had been four months. . . ).

The big question is how does the dishwasher work? Well, the latch seems to be more solid this time around, and hopefully won't call it a career after three weeks. As for the actual dishwasher, we ran it for the first time last night. Now, I realize that sounds like a long time to wait until finally using it, but there is only two of us that actually use dishes in this house and it takes a while to fill that sucker up.

The dishwasher didn't spew out water or cause animal fur to catch on fire or make all the lights in the house do a poltergeist impression. I'd say things are top notch so far. It looks like the first was a dud, and now we may be entering into the world of dishwashing bliss. Emily is taking out the dishes as I type this, and so she'll be the one to find out if the dishwasher has any unknown flaws (like turning all the glasses purple).

There you go. The end to the Sears dishwasher debacle. We got the dishwasher. We didn't have to pay anything extra. I'm just happy it finally appears to be over. Of course, once something appears to be over, that usually means it has just begun.