Finally Saw The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale. . .

Unnecessary, but if I don't do it then someone will inevitably bitch, spoiler warning.

Wow, that is how you cap off a season full of zombies. You completely destroy the main setting of the past season, while unleashing a raving horde of zombies, then reveal a cool new character, and then leave a whole lot of tantalizing teasers for next season. Oh yes, there is definitely teasers. Will the group split up, just like I've been constantly guessing over and over, and continually been wrong about for the last two seasons? Once they finally find that enormous fortress, will they find people there and will those people be all huggy and lovey? Will Andrea get her own armless zombies for pets? And is that mysterious hooded figure destined to be the next coolest character in all of TV? Can Lori possibly get more annoying and unlikable? Who is flying that damn helicopter? Why did the zombies all migrate to the farm? When the heck did Herschel become so bad ass?

I felt it was a rather satisfying conclusion to what I felt was bit of a hit or miss season. I wonder if the show would be better suited to only about 6 episodes a season. The first season was fantastic, but it was also incredibly short. They extended this season to 13 episodes, and it had some moments of brilliance, but it also has sometimes it dragged. The first half that consisted of the search for Sophie was really strong, but then I felt the second half started to drag until they got to the Dale's death episode. Then they amped up the action and emotion, and finally caused for some chaos and panic to overcome the farm. The final Shane and Rick confrontation was intense, and it led to a pretty action packed (and bloody) finale. The standoff at the farm gave me everything I could have expected, and the torched barn was a rather fitting end to that place. Now, the group is full of tension now, and there is an appropriate amount of danger and panic since they lost their place of comfort. There is a lot of potential for an awesome third season.

The Andrea and stranger story arc should be an interesting one. Did the hooded stranger come from the fortress? Or is she a nomad? Will Andrea carry any bitterness when she finds out her tribe has abandoned her? Actually, she may not be too happy to find out her last ally, Shane, is worm food, either.

Though I loved the big zombie showdown and I love the potential for next season, there was a few glaring flaws in the finale. The kid who played Carl shouldn't be in put in spots to convey intense emotion, but rather just be left firing his gun and baiting zombies. His big scene was pretty weak, and it caused me and Emily to laugh rather then get caught up in the moment -- like we were supposed to. I also still haven't figured out if Lori is really supposed to be such a punchable character, or if the writers are just missing the mark with her. She pushes Rick to take out Shane, and then totally works up Shane into a fervour (playing both sides), but she is upset that Rick was forced to kill him? How clueless can she be? I also felt the final Rick monologue was a little forced, and it didn't have the impact that I think was supposed to be there. I actually felt he was being a little annoying and irrational, and not sure why he chose that moment to drop the bomb that he killed his best friend.

I honestly, did love the finale. It gave me what I wanted, and has me stoked for next season. I am assuming it won't come around until Halloween again. What a painful wait for the awesome that should be brewing.

Oh wait. . .

I also love that they finally revealed the big cliff-hanger left from the first season finale. I totally forgot that Jenner whispered something in Rick's ear. It was cool to be reminded of that, and finally get the big payoff. I think, it would be pretty believable that Rick wouldn't reveal that information right away, but also understand why the group was a little upset he withheld it. It is now clear that the "walker" epidemic is some type of viral spread, and all survivors are carrying the disease. That was a pretty cool twist, and one I expected, but I liked it just the same.

I'm looking forward to season 3, and it looks like we'll have a bit more action packed season. This one capped off in a great way, and reminded me how great this show can be when it is hitting the right groove. I also like the fact I have no idea where things are going, because I never read the comic. Though I hear it is going on a fairly different path. All I can guess, is a lot of the season will be stationed in the fortress, the hooded figure will be a major player, the group will continue to bicker, and zombies will be out for some of that sweet flesh.

What did you think about the finale or the second season?


  1. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Hey there,

    Dan Gibbs, one of the Hamilton Wildcats.

    I posted about my disappointment with the "we're all infected" plotline and Em. Responded with a link to this post.

    I loved Dawn of the Dead when I saw it years ago, so my expectations for what's a good zombie show are usually measured against this movie.

    A couple different friends mentioned TWD so I figured I'd check it out.

    I condensed both seasons into about three weeks through march and april so my opinion may be a bit skewed. Watching two or thee episodes at a time has a different effect than the normal viewing process of 1 episode every one or two weeks.

    Anyways here goes....

    I starting off thinking it was good timing for a zombie series. 28 days later being the last project I enjoyed.

    I was a bit surprised by how many people were 'purged' through the first season. I also enjoyed the hanging relationships (the father/son),merle, etc. Not conveniently cleaned up by episodes end.

    I began thinking the farm episodes were too drawn out. My wife, Lisa, got so frustrated with the pace of these episodes she stopped watching the series. "Just tell me what happens" and off to sleep (beside me on the couch) she would go.

    It wasn't until late into the second season when I started to research the show on google and other forums. That's when I learned about the budget cuts and creative disputes between AMC and the creator (blanking on his name). All made sense. I found myself especially disappointed because the budget cuts were attributed to the new Mad Men deal. A show which we both stopped watching after season 2 because of... long drawn out plotlines and boring episodes! Oh well.

    Maybe the fact that TWD broke records for viewers with the TWD finale may help change that.

    That's also when I learned about the comic book series. Apparently running for several years and a significant following, stiking the balance of maintianing the essence of the book series and creating something unique (in a different medium) never finds everyone fully content. I've read as much as I want to know about the books. I know myself and will find myself always comparing as I watch each new episode.

    And now to the reason I started this post! I guess I'm disappointed with the "we're all infected" arc because it eliminates the Us v them's no longer good v bad, good v evil etc. It changes the basis of what HOPE means. It makes it a whole lot easier to give in to chaos and believe the whole thing is one big random act of . It would be like having all of the characters act like Darryl without the influence of the group. Maybe I should say it would be like watching a show full of Merle's. How entertaining would that be? Before that revelation the idea that "the way it was before all of this happened" was possible. Now its much easier to give up, throw your hands in the air and say "F#@K it, we're all doomed anyway". I wonder if other people might be thinking the same thing and the show might lose some momentum in gaining Viewers.
    Part of me believes the writers are aware of this and will figure out how to resolve this. Part of me thinks that the show is finding itself having to track closely to the comic book series to bring people back.

    Don't know but I do know what I will be doing in October!

    Wow, can't believe I had all that in me!


    Thanks Chris for posting.

  2. I like the "we're all infected and damned" storyline, because it forces the characters to grab for hope in unexpected places. They need to try to find the good despite the world being so full of bad and despair. They're all terminal in some way and there isn't any promise of a "happy ending", but despite that, they must overcome and try to make life worth living. I also interpret the "all infected" as just being carriers, and that they don't actually become walkers until death or bitten. They still have potential for a full life (whatever that means in a zombie filled world). The funeral will just be a little more dangerous than usual. Glad you enjoyed the article.


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