The Most Viewed Posts of February 2012

I'm in the mood for some statistics geekery (and I'm too lazy to come up with another topic), so here is a look at the blog posts that attracted the most eyeballs last month.

RIP Macho Man Randy Savage 1952-2011 - Because it makes tons of sense that an almost year old tribute post would be the most viewed post on my blog. Anyone that has read these "most viewed" blog posts would know that ol' Randy is always the most viewed post on this blog and is viewed over four times more than any other post ever. This month it is viewed just twice as much as any other blog post. This is because Google has sent people over here wanting important information on "macho elbow to face", "macho man house", "who is real macho man", and of course, "elizabeth real hot 80s".

Craig Kielburger: Inspiring Others For Greatness - This post is even older than the Mach Man tribute, but has really spiked in views over the last several months. I haven't bothered to see if Kielburger has done anything out of the his usual charity work in the last half year, but I've got views from all over the world googling various phrases containing Kielburger and his greatness. It should be noted that readers seem less concerned knowing about Kielburger's house than Macho Man's.

12 Rating Grabbing Ideas for Survivor - Either people still really like their Survivor or they are desperate to find out what amazing ideas I had to improve the show. Of course, it also helps that I shopped this article around to various sites and forms of social media, and so I promoted it very hard to give it inflated page views. It also helps that the always awesome Collective Publishing bought this article and then kindly linked back to my blog.

Oh Look! I See A Parade of Pictures - Say it with me now, "Babies equal web traffic."

Meet Everett's Newest Friend. . . - Okay, I get the point. You come to this blog for baby and pet pictures.

About the Last Picture I Posted. . . - And to hear me lament about my hair loss. This was posted on a Sunday, which is traditionally a low traffic day (because why go on the internet if you're not at work?). You can either see this as ranking impressively high or view it as depressing that so many of my friends flocked to a post about my bald patch. Of course, I didn't help, because it made me laugh and so I decided to do the social media rounds. If only I got a hair back for every view this post got; I'd have me a luscious head of hair, I would. But apparently, the internet is lacking in hair regenerating powers and the sun continues to bounce rays off the back of my head as I type this.

Revisiting a Boy & His Dog - Pets and babies. Babies and pets. People love them both. And so another post full of pictures that beats out articles that actually took me longer than 5 minutes to compose. I'm not bitter though.

RIP Whitney Houston: Losing a Music Icon - Yet another "tribute post" that is creeping into the all time most viewed. I'm surprised this one actually did so well, since I'm not really a huge fan and definitely didn't give her the most detailed write up. It did come from the heart, and I realize her immense talent, plus you know, there was that whole celebrity crush thing. It also helps that my buddies at Collective Publishing bought this post as well. This one hasn't done as well on Google, largely because Houston was a mega star and I'm sure there was tons of competition from sites eulogizing her great career.

Debunking the Latest Crazy Internet Meme - Another post from a previous month that kept grabbing views from Google. It seems lots of people want to know more about this Miguel Carano killer, and then of course, discover they really want to learn about Miguel Carcano. I'm really happy this post is still doing well, because I'm proud any time I can do my part in destroying an absurd and fictitious internet meme.

I'm a Filthy Liar - Because people like it when I admit I'm dirty.