An Ode to a Clingy Baby

Everett isn't actually terribly clingy. Or so I like to tell myself. He's just a big fan of his parent's company. And yes, I realize the paramount importance of socializing babies and getting them comfortable with new people. I'm not disputing that belief. But in today's "Dad's Eye View", I am explaining why I may not be in the biggest rush to get my baby comfortable with everyone else. And yes, it may be a slightly selfish reason. Or a completely selfish reason.

On a completely different note, I realize this blog is quickly becoming the "place I pimp my writing from everywhere else." And no, that isn't the goal for this blog or how I want things to continue. I've just been eating up enormous amounts of time doing marketing and pitching ideas to possible clients. On top of that, I've been writing my usual pay copy, which of course, includes the things I pimp on here (but there is other stuff that just isn't worth bringing your attention to either). Anyway, I hope to get this blog back into a regular groove, but for now, go read my "Dad's Eye View" column, already!