Survivor One World Leaves Me Bum Puzzled

And this post will leave you "rage ranty" if you haven't seen this week's episode, because there is spoilery goodness coming up.

I have no idea what "bum puzzled" means, but it is what Jay claimed he was right before tribal council. And I have to agree that I was feeling the same way.

This week they promised a move that has never been done in Survivor history. And there is a reason why this move has never been done. It is without a doubt the stupidest move ever. J.T. should be happy to know that he no longer owns the title for "Stupidest Survivor Move of All Time." Nope, it has been snagged by an entire tribe. I'm including Colton in this little award giving, because even though it's impressive he was able to convince his entire tribe to do the stupidest thing ever, there was no reason to give up immunity, and makes me question if he really is the incredible player he claims to be.

The guys slaughtered the girls in the immunity challenge. To the point that it completely erased all the momentum the girls gained with three straight wins. It was pathetic. I had a feeling that Alicia played poorly enough that her alliance may decide it was enough drama for one season and send her packing. But then the guys decided to make "stupid Survivor" history and voluntarily give up the immunity they just won.

Colton thinks he is a mob boss and is running the entire show. He proved that he really can convince his tribe to do literally anything. I can't fathom why he would agree to even up the tribes, just because he's decided he dislikes one of the players on his teams. It is the ultimate example of cockiness, and he seems to be slipping into the spot of all-time top villain. Except you can't take that title if you leave the season early, and I have to believe there is someone smart enough to realize Colton is calling all the shots and is drunk with power (well, beyond drunk -- this guy is in a power coma).

I like my villains on this show, but Colton seems to have done a pretty good job to make me dislike him. His "ghetto trash" comment from last week was pretty awful, but I quickly forgot it because I felt it didn't have any real racial slander behind it. Now, I'm thinking it did. His dismissal of Bill as a person was pretty disgusting, and essentially sabotaging his team just to carry out his vendetta is stupid.

But it made for delightful TV. The last 20 minutes of the show was the wildest craziness that I've seen on Survivor. This show hasn't had an explosion like this since the season that hooked me on this series, Heroes vs. Villains. I think there are enough egos and clashing personalities to ensure this type of drama continues for a while.

I'm now left with wondering who really is the stupidest tribe of all time. I really thought the girls this season were pretty useless after the first two episodes. But the guys mindlessly following Colton to the slaughterhouse is the epitome of idiocy. Why would you willingly risk getting voted out of this game? I would have forgiven the men if it ended up being a blindside on Colton. They seemingly believe the immunity idol he possesses is some kind of magical amulet that gives him super powers. I can't see why they didn't force him to play it.

And was Colton's verbal beat down of Leif one of the most uncomfortable moments in Survivor? It felt like a parent reprimanding a child. I know Leif is a little person, but Colton's verbal beating was awful. Why didn't Leif stand up for himself? Why does it matter if Bill found out they were going to vote him out? They had the numbers. It didn't matter. And it doesn't really make Leif untrustworthy just because he outed the plan. Though at this point in the series, you're really a moron if you expect people to be trustworthy. Everyone is out there for themselves, and just waiting for their chance to get ahead.

I just loved this episode. It was so crazy and over the top. Yeah, I was yelling at the guys for being stupid, but that tribal council was wild. Tarzan totally flipped out on racism, and not really sure why he even had that speech. I have to say that I love that guy. I also love that he always feels the need to raise his hand. I so want him to win the million, but I can't see it. At this point, I can't see any of the guys winning unless they stop being Colton's little play things.

I found Bill annoying prior to this episode. The way Colton treated him, did cause me to start rooting for him in the end. I'm sad he went out after whiney Colton verbally assaulted him. I'm also glad Bill stood up for himself, and tried to put Colton in his place.

The preview next week has got me pretty pumped. It looks like the game is being shaken up some more. Based off the preview, I'm guessing we're looking at a tribal swap. If so, this will completely ruin Colton's little kingdom. I always like the swap because it forces tribes to adapt and change strategies. It will allow players like Mike and Christina to gain some life, as they're currently on the outs in their respective tribes. Of course, I don't even know if this is the twist for the next episode. I just know Colton doesn't like it, and it should shake up the game some more.

Of course, this episode not only brought drama, a crazy tribal council, and the stupidest move ever, but it also debuted the phrase "bum puzzled." So really this may have been one of the greatest episodes in all of television history.