Now, It's Time for a Parenting Column Not Written by Me

As you know, I write a twice weekly parenting column that reveals all the adventures from a dad's perspective. But apparently, I am not the only writer in the entire universe that creates content about parenting. It seems that that super duper reputable news site known as Cracked has recently published a parenting article.

You can probably guess based off it almost being 6:00pm, that I've been a little too busy to blog today. So, instead of doing some word creation myself, I thought I'd point you over to this rather interesting article that reveals "bad parenting technique" that actually can be helpful for your child. And once again, I realize this is coming from Cracked, and so you may be prone to ignore it, but I think it brings up some interesting points.

In the very least, it backs up my long standing belief that "just because" is the parental equivalent of saying, "I'm bigger than you, so my nonsense wins." This of course is coming from a parent whose child doesn't talk back or generally even move from the spot I left him at. My experience is rather pathetic, but it is always fun when a comedy site shares some of my own parental beliefs. It at least means my methods will be a hit at clubs and bars, I guess.

It is worth checking out, especially since you're not likely to get anything else from me today. So, I now return to the pay copy.