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Addendum to Adam Yauch Tribute: Proof Beastie Boys Had a Profound Impact on My Generation

In my tribute to Adam Yauch, I mentioned how Beastie Boys had a significant role in influencing many of the people of my generation.  They played a part in shaping our culture and they left a permanent mark on the music industry.  More importantly, many people from my generation had a strong bond with the Beastie Boys.  I know that sounds like the typical hyperbole to sneak in when trying to immortalize a recently deceased person.  A tribute means a lot more if it makes the honoree seem like an icon.

I didn't believe my words to be hyperbole.  I did see Adam Yauch as an icon.  I don't think there are many other bands that influenced my generation the same way as the Beastie Boys.  For those who are 30 to early 40 years old, they grew up with the Beastie Boys and had their music beside them when they went through many of the major stages of their life.  It was the music you blared in your room when you were pissed off that your parents just grounded you.  It was the music you had pumping from the car stereo when you ready to head out for a night of Friday partying.  It was your consolation after heartbreak.  It was music that everyone your age knew, but it had the hidden (non-mainstream) gems that also made you feel like a connoisseur.  It was the music that gave you that blessed feeling of nostalgia, but also something you still enjoyed.  Beastie Boys were a group that lasted a long time.  They were birthed right around the time we started listening to music and they remained strong while we grew up.  This was a band of our generation.

I promised proof in this little addendum.  I will provide.

I got several emails from readers over the last few days after my tribute.  Every single one was about how the last few days were hard.  How they felt they suddenly lost a piece of themselves.  They admitted they were mourning.  They were mourning for someone they never actually knew.  It was a person they were connected with.  A person they had been listening to for several decades.  A person they paid tickets to go see live.  A person who was a significant part of their lives.  Or at least, as significant as a person can be when you never really met them.  For many people close to my age, this was a significant loss, and something that they have no shame in mourning over.  This is probably one of the biggest losses since Kurt Cobain when it comes to music fans that are now 30-40 years old.  If Kurt Cobain's death was my generations Jim Morrison, then Adam Yauch would be something like John Lennon.  A major player who was part of a band that captivated an entire generation.

Adam Yauch will definitely be missed.  The Beastie Boys will always be remembered.  Thank you for all the fantastic road trip music.  Thank you for delivering passion and emotion to an entire generation.

Once again, RIP Adam Yauch.