My Formal Public Thank You for All the Condolences

I threw in a "thank you" in one of my posts yesterday, but I wanted to make a more focused "thank you" post.

I am really touched by the amount of people that sent me condolences and words of encouragement in regards to the passing of Crosby.  It is amazing that people have been able to relate and tell me their tough stories of pet loss.  IIt is great to have people that don't trivialize the loss of a pet.  There are many who agreed with me that pets are family, and that losing them can be incredibly painful.  I appreciate the sympathy, and it has helped my own grieving process.

I'm also touched that my tribute to Crosby has been read by so many people.  The views are significantly higher than anything else I wrote over the last few months, and it is quickly becoming one of the most read articles on this blog.  It makes me smile that the exploits of Crosby and my memories of him are being read by so many people.  It has actually lead to me being emailed by people that I don't even know.  Sometimes it is nice to get sincere thoughts and support from people you don't even know.  It is fun to think some other people can laugh over the craziness of Crosby, and have memories of a cat they never met.  He is a cat worth being known.

I thank the people for passing around the tribute.  I thank everyone for their kind words.  It has meant a lot to us.  We loved Crosby very much, and he is going to always be missed.