Remembering My Five Days as a Single Parent

I recounted my five days as a single parent on this blog already.  My loyal readers already know that I survived and things went really well.  And if you're a first time blog reader then sorry for the spoiler.  But I really do think my five days of single parenting was an important experience and has caused me to have even more respect for all the full time single parents.  They're amazing.  I am pretty sure that I wouldn't have been able to survive past five days.  In today's "Dad's Eye View", I look at some of the major reasons that I did survive for five days and some of the important things that I learned from the experience.  I know you read about my experience on the blog, but I do talk about new things over there.  I promise.  After you read my tale, feel free to leave some comments over on the site.


  1. I think it would be just like a tough experience for you. Because i think living a life without any life partner is difficult..But parenting a child alone is very very difficult task. Because handling both family & office is really very difficult task...

  2. As the article revealed, I experience my five days and I survived. As I admitted, it probably had more to do with my awesome son rather than any special parental powers I have.


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