As You Can See, I'm Still Alive

There is a chance Summit is typing this and posing as me.  I'd like to think his post would have far more errors.  My weekend of single parenting will conclude in about 9 hours.  So yes, touting my survival is a little premature, but I got through the toughest parts -- the nights.

The nights definitely ended up being much rougher than they were in May.  I attribute that to the fact Everett has teeth ready to rip through his gums rather than him just deciding I got it too easy last time.  Who knows, maybe he reads my blog and realized I was shocked with how well he behaved, so he thought he could get away with far more this time.

Last night was relatively easier than Friday night.  It took around 30ish minutes to lay him down to sleep rather than over 2 hours.  But he still decided to visit at 2 and 6 in the morning.  I was the lumbering zombie that I expected I'd be.  But he was properly fed with a bottle of room temperature breast milk (rather than a mustard bottle) and I ended up avoiding fastening the diaper to his head.  I did what I had to do, even if it was done at a pace slightly slower than a dead possum. 

I have officially decided that having a partner when you have a child is oodles of awesome.  As I said last time, I have tons of respect for single parents and I know many of them do a fabulous job of raising their children.  But I'm pretty sure five days is my max, and this time around, I am glad Emily is back home tonight.  A teething baby is definitely a great way to test your patience.

Everett is currently napping.  He was actually doing something he rarely does with me during the day -- putting up a major fuss.  Considering he was soothed every time he chomped down on my thumb, I know what the cause was.  He's decided to sleep it off, and I am willing to oblige.

Of course, having a team mate to aid with raising Everett isn't the only reason I look forward to Emily's arrival.  I've outlined my sappiness and suckiness in the past, and so it should just be assumed I am eagerly looking forward to the return of my beautiful wife.

This post was for those who like to keep score of this kind of thing, I've pulled off yet another few days of single parenting.  I think I have approximately the same level of sanity that I had before it began.

How have your weekends been?