Final Friday Pregnancy & Newborn Column

This will be the last "Dad's Eye View" to be published on a Friday.  From this point on, my "Dad's Eye View" columns will be published once a week on Wednesday.


Well, because life decided I'd provide you with a real world example of why you need multiple revenue streams when you're a freelance writer.  You never know when things can change or you may lose a revenue source.  Plus Pregnancy & Newborn decided to make a few changes to their content, and so my Friday columns were a victim of that.  But I'll be fine, and you still get a delicious and nutritious Wednesday "Dad's Eye View" for several more months.

As for today's column, it is all about sitting.  Because you'll likely be sitting when you read it.  And well, I talk about Everett's latest love of sitting on his own.  In today "Dad's Eye View", I specifically look back at when he just started to sit and he began to learn how to master his craft.  He has actually improved drastically since this was written.  Have a seat, and enjoy today's column.