Guess What! BuddyTV Has a New Contributing Writer for the Olympics. . .

Actually, they have quite a few.

But one them is somebody you know really well.  Actually, you're reading his words this very minute.

Yeah, sorry, your dream of David Hasselhoff covering the Olympics will have to wait at least two more years.

It's me.  I've actually known about it for a little while, but I have a "get something published" before I announce it kind of personal policy.  You never know what may happen, and that way, you're less likely to throw rotten fruit at me for being a liar.  I'd much rather fresh fruit.  But the really soft kind.  Please don't throw pineapples or coconuts at me.

Anyway, my first article for BuddyTV is up there already.  It is a look back at some of the odder Olympic events in history.  It is a pretty fun piece, and you'll likely be shocked by some of the "sports" that athletes competed in.  Go check that out, and learn about some of the craziest events in Olympic history.