Ladies and Gentlemen, We've Hit the 1,000th Post!

I've now officially posted something here a thousand times.  And yet people still come here to read it.  Wow.  If you've been with me since the  beginning, then thank you so much for reading all my rantings since 2004.  If you came along later, then I still love you just as much and appreciate you putting up with all my rants. 

Now, I would have hit a thousand a lot sooner if I didn't disappear from the blog for about two years.  And the real heavy work has been done over the last two and a half years, but then again, that is also the time period that has drawn in the most readers (what a shock, I consistently put out content and it actually gets readers).  It has definitely been a lot of fun writing on this blog.  I feel that I've written some of my best pieces ever on here.  Which probably leads to the question of why I didn't saves those ones for payment?  Though I've also made some money off some of my blog posts, and that is something I never thought would happen.  This blog has definitely been good to me.

When I started it back in 2004, it was largely done as a way to pass a few minutes or so.  I didn't necessarily have any dreams of the blog launching my writing career.  This is partly because at the time I thought I was going to have a career as a teacher.  But if I am honest with myself, I know that I always really did want to be writer.  I just didn't have the courage to actually enter into the competitive and scary world of freelancing.  I finally took the plunge in 2010, and this blog did a rather amazing job of helping me land clients and actually start making money.  So, thank you blog, because you're pretty spiffy.

But seriously, the real thanks go to you guys.  It is pretty awesome to know I have people that actually look forward to what I have to say.  It is also pretty humbling.  Hopefully, you guys will stick with me as I hope to produce more and more content outside of this blog.  It'd be nice if you also buy my books, because they'll come.  Oh please, I hope they will come.  But I should actually start writing them first.

For now, you've got this blog.  You also have my work over at Pregnancy & Newborn, Collective Publishing, and sales copy you don't realize has been written by me.  But there will be more.  Oh yes, there will definitely be more.

For now, here is the first post I wrote on this blog.

And here is a picture of my boys, because this is the real reason half of you ever come here.