One Reason I Wish I Grew Up in the '70s

Because dude, they flew in on a space ship.  And those are some of the funkiest and craziest threads known to man.  Plus they just look like they're having a blast.  Sure, they're probably higher than a kite and that isn't my thing, but man, is this one of the coolest music videos ever.  And the song is pretty funky and groovy too.  Though I admit it gets a little tiresome after about a minute and half, because it is pretty repetitive.  But then you just distract yourself with their wardrobe.

Yeah, Parliament Funkadelic is performing "Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof Off this Sucker)", because it isn't '70s funk if there aren’t brackets in the title.  Just a rule, you see.  I think this is just the right way to bring a little bit funk to your Thursday.

 And just in case you want to know if that funky goodness was ever seen again, here is Snoop Dog along with Bootsy Collins remixing the song to create "Undacova Funk (Give Up the Funk)", which kind of disproves my brackets is a '70s thing.  This song is far better and rocks much harder, but the video lacks a space ship.  It will still sufficiently funk up your day.